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Right to Rent

As of the 01st February 2016 the Government has introduced the Right to Rent Scheme, this is a scheme put in place to ensure that people wishing to move into rented accommodation have the right to rent in the UK.

In order to comply with these regulations we are required to see approved Identification from a list provided by the Government. 

We must see the original of the indicated documents listed below, a copy will also been taken and kept on our files.  This copy is required to be kept for twelve months after a Tenancy ends. 

Should your Right to Remain in the UK be for a limited time only we would require to see renewed documentation – failure to comply with this would affect your Tenancy.

Should you not be able to provide the documentation required or we are unsatisfied with the documents provided we would not be able to proceed with offering you a Tenancy at this stage.

Examples of Approved Documentation

There are two groups of acceptable documentation, should you provide a document from Group 1 only one form of documentation is required, should you only have documents from Group 2 you would need to provide two documents.

Valid UK Passport
EEA/Swiss National Passport/Identity Card
EEA/Swiss Family Member Permanent Residence Card
Full UK Driving License
UK Birth or Adoption Certificate
Certain Letters

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